Saturday, November 17, 2018

Young Roddy - The Collection (2018) Mixtape

Young Roddy - The Collection (2018) Mixtape


1. Hoodlum Ft KingiKeem (00:00)
2. Chain Smoke (03:46)
3. What That Is Ft Curren$y (07:19)
4. Parking Lot Pimps Ft Curren$y (10:24)
5. Wishing Well (13:37)
6. Save Me (16:40)
7. Have Mercy Ft Trademark Da Skydiver & Smoke DZA (18:46)
8. For The Love (22:11)
9. Talk To Em Ft Dave East (24:04)
10. Boost Mobile (27:43)
11. My Business Ft Curren$y (30:59)
12. Freedom Of Speech (34:12)
13. Charge It To The Game (36:58)
14. Sun Don't Shine Ft Ren Gettz (40:25)
15. DFA Ft Trademark Da Skydiver, Cozz & Kevin Gates (43:30)

Freedom Of Speech Lyrics:
Can’t understand
What happened to all those young lovers
It doesn’t make sense
It doesn’t make sense

Good sense Good sense

[Verse 1]
Turn on the news the whole world fucked up
Sitting like I'm strong enough to break these handcuffs
Plan didn’t work I switched my plan up
We all we got so never give your mans up
Ma hood and ma mama raised a grown man
Heard they tryna take my life I hope they gun jam
My girl she always say get with the program
She wants some real love but I'm stubborn like ma old man
Sorry love I can’t blame you if you sick of waiting
Know you deserve better I'd be the first to say it
Staring at ma son I need some motivation
From Pablo that nasty night I switched my occupation
The most slept on I'm the topic of the conversation
Real shit probly me and big drip
They told me conscious rappers barely ever blow
That’s crazy they don’t wanna hear real shit no more
And I forever speak my peace
This that freedom of speech three
Ma granny told me heaven is our next stop
Lord forgive me all them years I keep her stressed out
Then the cops killed my mans left him stretched out
I had to hold it down when poppa chose to step out
Fussing with mama they say don’t do that
Troubled child she could’ve sent me to bootcamp
Twenty with a newborn sleeping on granny futon
[?] bitching at me my uncle smoking the new port

It doesn’t make sense
It doesn’t make sense

[Verse 2]
Uh, stomach growling I thank God for them coupons
And them food stamps I wish I could [?] more
No hot water, water was only lukewarm
Young Frank Lucas I'm tryna put my crew on
Last bitch leave me played me they told me move on
Put that behind me hoping the labels sign me
I was stacking that green up selling the white to them zombies
Ain’t had no fly gift back then please don’t remind me
Uh, I went from ramen noodles to benny hondas
I call this food for thought how I'm dropping knowledge
This shit ain’t no joke no Rickey Smiley
I was riding in the bucket going school but hiding
Uh, from a spot where they check you like where they sitting from
Ma homie got paid but spent that at the liquor store
They told me conscious rappers barely every blow
It’s crazy they don’t wanna hear real shit no more
Yeah I'll forever speak my piece
This that freedom of speech three

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